We're building a community of researchers and practitioners exploring the frontiers of programming. To that end, we're looking for new ideas that could radically improve the practice of programming: ideas too embryonic for an academic paper, yet developed enough to demonstrate a prototype. Show us the future!

We are holding two events in 2014. First, in partnership with Emerging Languages CampFPW×ELC will be at Strange Loop on September 17 in St. Louis MO. Second, at SPLASH in Portland OR around Oct. 19 (pending approval).

FPW×ELC will present live demonstrations before an audience. The SPLASH event will be an intense, private writer’s workshop. This process will be a chance to give and take both creative support and incisive criticism.

Submissions will be 15 minute demo screencasts. You can select either or both of the events in your submission. The submission deadline is June 8 and notifications will be sent June 27. After the events participants will have until December 1 to revise their screencasts for archival publication on our website.

For questions please see the FAQ or ask info@future-programming.org.